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Get to Know the Apricot Lane Franchise Team

The Apricot Lane franchise family is made up of several key players, all of whom work together to create an amazing franchise opportunity! Each of the members of our franchise leadership team offers their skills and expertise to everything we do.

Meet Our Staff

Tirtza Deel, Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager, Tirtza is well-versed in the aspects of print, digital and social media having a background in graphic design and managing the promotional projects for our store owners over the past 4 years. She runs a tight ship, making sure our marketing calendar is in place and our deadlines are met.

Fashion Fact: Tirtza owns 35+ pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors (all different)!

Employed with us for: 4 years

Shari Papadopoulos, Graphic Designer

When you have a promotional idea and need it put to paper visually, Shari can help you out. As our graphic designer, she is an essential team member of the marketing department in creating elements for the stores to use in promoting their business to their customers.

Fashion Fact: Though Shari would live in her flip flops all year round, according to her teenage daughter, she rocks "the Mom skinny jeans.”

Employed with us for: 1 year

Aja Johnson, Administrative Assistant

As the Franchise Development Assistant, Aja reaches out to franchisee prospects, provides initial information about the company, and schedules Discovery Days. As the 3Strands Reports Analyst, she runs sales reports and assists with order fulfillment.

Fashion Fact: Aja owns 230+ bottles of nail polish and loves practicing new nail art techniques.

Employed with us for: 1 year

Scott Jacobs, Executive
Vice President

Keeping our "ship" sailing, Scott makes sure we are on the right course with the latest technology and tools in tech support, communications, marketing and training.

Fashion Fact: Favorite color is orange, belt should match the shoes.

Employed with us for: 23 years

Gretchen Dennis, Office Manager

As Office Manager, Gretchen keeps the office running smoothly with shipping, supplies, calendar maintenance and facilities. She assists the Operations Department with monthly reports and gentle reminders to all. She is also the Distribution Manager for 3Strands and as such handles customer service and order fulfillment.

Fashion Fact: Gretchen LOVES handbags and has been known to change bags even twice a week!

Employed with us for: 15 years

Ken Petersen, CEO & Founder

Ken is our leader who is motivated by helping others, meeting the needs of our staff, franchisees, customers and communities. Ken is our dreamer of great dreams and continual cheerleader as he understands the strength that comes in numbers, drawing us together to make positive distinctions in our lives.

Fashion Fact: If Ken likes something….we don’t order it. If he doesn’t like something, we order a ton of it!

Employed with us for: 24 years

Melinda Liming, COO

Melinda has many years of retail experience spanning operations, buying, training and merchandising. She works closely with new franchisees from the beginning of their new store process and building their dream store to continuing to find "best practices" in all aspects of their business.

Fashion Fact: Melinda has a Denim Addiction, owning 100+ pairs at any given moment.

Employed with us for: 14 years

Terry Odneal, VP & Director - Franchise Development

Terry manages our franchise development department looking for new Franchisees!

Fashion Fact: Terry pretty much only wears Khaki pants, because “they go with everything”.

Employed with us for: 19 years

Ellen Odren, Merchandising & Support Manager

With many years in the retail industry and a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Ellen is passionate about helping franchisees develop their stores from a blank slate to their Boutique vision. Ellen is able to set the scene from opening day and with her first hand experience as a boutique owner she helps keep store owners on track to reach their goals of operating a successful business.

Fashion Fact: Ellen’s passion for fashion translates to home. She is a reclaimed fanatic who repurposes items to create new pieces.

Employed with us for: 5 months

Maryann Vilas, Operations & Store Support

Maryann’s is the first contact of support for New Stores Owners. She will help with all aspects to get the store open: weekly calls, all training and store set up. She is there to answer any question or to get the answer for you.

Fashion Fact: Maryann is a classic. If it is navy blue with gold buttons, she will wear it.

Employed with us for:19 years

Crystal Baker, Accounting

Crystal keeps count of everything in our business. Her attention to detail and payment deadlines are her specialty, you could say she is the ultimate bean counter.

Employed with us for: 17 years

Rosemarie, Buyer & Store Support

Rosemarie has tons of retail and buying experience both in stores and on the vendor side. Rosemarie will assist you in putting together a great assortment for you store that will delight you and your customers!

Fashion Fact: Her go-to everyday is mascara, lipgloss and hoop earrings. She’s most comfortable in jeans, heels/wedge and tee.


Meet Our Partners

Stacey Graham, Owner/SGPR

Stacey created her firm in 2008 after being in the corporate PR field for over fifteen years. Representing Apricot Lane Boutique and franchisees throughout the system she is able to maximize exposure with local media outlets. She continuously builds relationships with bloggers, editors and producers along with brands to create unique press opportunities.

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. –Rachel Zoe

Providing service for: 6 years

Scott Maher, CEO/POSIM

For a high performance POS system, there is no better company to provide the software & tech support headed by Scott Maher. Easy to use with powerful and custom online reporting, POSIM helps provide our stores with the reliable tools we expect for our franchise system and employees.

Providing service for: 23 years

Kevin Winn, Owner/PlansGuy

For construction management, Kevin provides all the tools necessary to build our Apricot Lane Boutiques to spec. With all the parties involved in construction and their numerous needs and deadlines, Kevin makes the journey more enjoyable and certainly memorable.

Providing service for: 14 years

Jeff Diener, Account Manager/Oakland Packaging & Supply

Supplying our stores with all the paper products required to properly package our customer purchases and build brand awareness, Jeff is always there to keep stock on hand. His loyalty and commitment to our company and stores are second to none.

Providing service for: 23 years

Vaughn Peterson, CEO/The Cambeo Group

By providing the best in quality franchisee/employee training and business consulting, Vaughn and his group have been an exemplary resource in identifying and developing each store's potential. From a personal account portal, Cambeo provides store assessments, checklists, employee surveys & reviews including a complete video and learning library.

Providing service for: 3 years

Cory Boatman, Project Manager/Ace Sign Company

For superior exterior branding, Apricot Lane Boutiques count on Cory and his team of signage & production professionals. They provide the precise requirements demanded by the developers of each franchise location.

Providing service for: 5 years

Angela Myers, L.A. Buyer

The right merchandise mix is so essential for any retailer and especially with a fashion boutique. Angela provides an exclusive and personalized buying service for our franchisees, assisting in providing the selection and quality our customers are looking for.

Providing service for: 4 years



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