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Keep in the Know with the Apricot Lane Blog

Looking for additional information about our brand? Trying to learn tips and tricks for starting a business or working in a clothing franchise? Check out our blog!

The Apricot Lane franchise blog is a wealth of information about the Apricot Lane brand, what we offer franchisees, and how you can get started as a business owner. Whether you read just one post or go clear back to the archives, we are sure you will learn something while you’re here.

Make a Fashion Clothing Boutique a Family Business
One of the primary objectives of many franchisees is having the freedom to run their business in a way that[...]
Myth vs. Fact: Learn the Truth Behind 4 Clothing Franchise Myths
Franchising can be a lucrative and exciting opportunity, but there are many misconceptions surrounding the process. Prospective franchisees are understandably[...]
How to Open a Clothing Franchise: Apricot Lane Boutique Makes it Easy
Even after you’ve done all the research, asked questions, and decided on the perfect franchise fit, the prospect of starting[...]
3 Reasons Why You Should Add a Retail Clothing Franchise to Your Business Portfolio
For prospective franchisees looking to diversity their business portfolio, investing in a retail clothing franchise like Apricot Lane is the[...]
Looking for your Next Opportunity? Check Out These Research Tips for Franchise Clothing Stores
If you’re looking to make buying your own franchise clothing store your next big career step, you don’t want to[...]
4 Perks of Clothing Franchise Business Opportunities
When considering becoming a franchisee, an endless number of industries present themselves as options. In your research and discovery process,[...]
Do You Have What It Takes to be an Apricot Lane Clothing Franchise Owner?
It’s an exciting time to enter the clothing franchise space. The fashion industry is growing at an incredible rate, and[...]
Apricot Lane Clothing: In Style and Exclusive
If you’ve ever worked at a luxury fashion company, or in corporate retail, you know what it feels like to[...]
Parent-Child Franchise Teams Combining Skills to Succeed
When parents and children work together they have a unique dynamic that can have a huge influence on their success.[...]
The 4 Key Things We Cover in Boutique Franchise Training
At Apricot Lane, we take pride in the system we have created that empowers our franchise owners to run their[...]
On the Hunt for the Best Franchise to Open? 3 Things to Look For
Starting the journey of investing in a franchise and becoming your own boss marks an exciting time of change in[...]
4 Apricot Lane Resources Designed to Make Starting a Franchise Easy
Apricot Lane’s 25 years of experience equips us to help our franchisees get off on the right foot. Starting a[...]

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