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Looking for additional information about our brand? Trying to learn tips and tricks for starting a business or working in a clothing franchise? Check out our blog!

The Apricot Lane franchise blog is a wealth of information about the Apricot Lane brand, what we offer franchisees, and how you can get started as a business owner. Whether you read just one post or go clear back to the archives, we are sure you will learn something while you’re here.

Why Stop at One? The Key to Opening Multiple Franchises
Multi-unit franchise ownership is an increasingly popular avenue that many investors are taking. It’s not hard to see the appeal[...]
“Franchising Will Snuff Out My Creativity” and Other Misconceptions
"Franchising Will Snuff Out My Creativity” A common myth in franchising—especially among creative people—is that the franchise system will eliminate[...]
4 Frequently Asked Questions About Franchising with Apricot Lane
Before you take the leap and invest in an Apricot Lane franchise, we want to help you prepare and learn[...]
Is Franchising a Sound Investment? Here are 4 Indications
People who are considering putting forth both time and money to open a franchise often ask, “Is franchising a sound[...]
How Franchising Can Help Further Your Already Successful Career
It is not uncommon for people to start thinking about owning their own business after already working in a successful[...]
Have a Family to Support? No Problem! We Make Franchising Possible
If you have a family to support, we understand that you might have some reservations about investing in a franchise.[...]
3 Skills Needed to Work in the Retail Franchise Industry
As you think about the skills you need to work in the retail franchise industry, you need to think about[...]
There Is Value in the Investment: Take Your Career to the Next Level
If you are researching franchise cost and franchise brands, you probably already know that there is a lot to think[...]
5 Franchising Tips That Every Businessperson Needs to Know
So you have had a career in a corporate environment and you are thinking of taking the leap into franchising.[...]
It’s Never Been Easier! 4 Pieces of Advice for Potential Franchisees
Investing in a franchise is a big step in your career. Not only does owning a franchise give you the[...]
3 Ways to Let Your Creativity Shine as a Franchisee
As a creative person, you are excited about the prospect being a franchise owner. And what’s not to be excited[...]
Franchise Opportunity from Beginning to End: Learn the Steps to Get Started
Before you can become a franchise owner, you will go through a series of steps to ensure that you are[...]

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