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The Apricot Lane franchise blog is a wealth of information about the Apricot Lane brand, what we offer franchisees, and how you can get started as a business owner. Whether you read just one post or go clear back to the archives, we are sure you will learn something while you’re here.

Make Your Goal a Reality: Own Your Very Own Boutique Clothing Franchise
When you decide to be your own boss and embark on the long road toward franchise ownership, the prospect can[...]
Our Clothing Store Franchises Stand Out From the Competition! Here’s Why
If you’re interested in owning your own clothing store franchise, you’ve probably done some research and considered several options. Because[...]
Why Choose an Apricot Lane Franchise Opportunity Over Other Franchises?
If you’re considering opening a clothing franchise, you already know that there are several options out there. After all, the[...]
Garment Franchise Costs Every Apricot Lane Franchisee Should Know About
Understanding the startup costs of a franchise are perhaps the most crucial element in deciding whether or not to pursue[...]
Is an Apricot Lane Franchise Clothing Boutique Right for You? 4 Things We Look For
If you’re reading this blog, that means you’re already demonstrating one of the key qualities we look for in franchisees:[...]
The Rise of Fast Fashion and Apricot Lane Boutique Clothing Franchises
Boutique clothing franchises are a unique corner of our industry, but in recent years they have become the trendiest, most[...]
“Will I Receive Adequate Training?” and Other Frequently Asked Questions About Our Clothing Franchise Opportunity
Before you come on board as an Apricot Lane franchise owner, you’ll probably have several questions about our business model,[...]
3 Things You Might Not Have Known About Opening an Apricot Lane Apparel Franchise
Before you take the big plunge and sign on to become a franchisee, we want to make sure you have[...]
Get in Touch with Your Franchisee Side: Own an Apricot Lane Clothing Store Franchise
For those who work in a corporate retail environment or at a large fashion company, it’s easy to become frustrated[...]
3 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Apricot Lane Store Is a Good Fit for You
Opening a franchise means taking a huge step forward in your career, and you want to make sure it’s the[...]
What Makes Apricot Lane Stand Out from Other Clothing Boutique Franchise Opportunities?
If you’re considering entering the franchise space with a clothing franchise, you’ve probably considered several options. The fashion industry is[...]
How to Leave Your Corporate Job for an Apricot Lane Boutique Franchise
Deciding to work for yourself is one of the biggest career pivots you can make. It’s not always easy, but[...]

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